21 Runs Tournaments

It’s Like Playing Blackjack -- In a Lightning Round

Think of our 21 Run game as a fast-paced, solitaire version of the casino classic, Blackjack. Instead of matching wits against a merciless dealer, 21 Run pits you against an even more inexorable foe: the clock. Instead of choosing when to draw, you play every card -- if you last long enough.

Your virtual card table comes with a 52-card deck (plus two Jokers) and space for up to four hands. Your goal: achieve as many 21-point hands as possible before time and cards run out. Face cards are worth ten points, and aces can count as either one point or eleven points. Cards are dealt one at a time, and you decide which hand to place them in. And remember, you must play each card, even if it would cause every hand to exceed 21. (We call that a Bust!)

How We Score the 21 Run Card Game Online

You start with five minutes on the clock. Win points each time you reach 21 -- and lose points each time you go bust. And here’s a tactical tip: You’re only allowed to bust twice. Three strikes, and the round is over no matter how much time you have left. So try to keep your options open as you assemble your hands.

Play 21 Run Online for Money (Or for Fun)

Join a Game Taco tournament and play 21 Run free online with fans around the world. (Or set up a private contest with your friends.) Tournaments are open now -- you can play for cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play free for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing the 21 Run for keeps? It’s easy. Download our 21 Run tournament app and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here