Asteroids Tournaments

Destroy the Asteroids Before They Destroy you!

You’re piloting a tiny spaceship in an asteroid field. Your evasive maneuvers are limited. You can shoot and earn points -- but this option creates new problems. Every direct hit you score breaks a big asteroid into smaller ones -- leaving more targets, that are harder to hit! Suddenly you notice even more asteroids, and they’re moving faster.

This Game Hasn't Changed in 40 Years. You'll Love It.

With its black and white line drawings and simple controls, our Asteroids video game looks and plays like the original 1979 Atari classic arcade game, with one convenient exception. Now your mobile device controls a triangular ship as it shoots away asteroids and the occasional passing flying saucer.

But relax, nostalgia fans. Along with the acclaimed vector graphics of the original game, we’ve kept the original range of motion typical of a 1970s joystick. You can shoot straight, rotate your ship, or move it forward. You have just one fancy move at your disposal: the desperate hyperspace leap. It can get you out of a jam -- or put you right in the path of an asteroid or saucer!

Watch Out for Flying Saucers!

Meanwhile, two spaceships periodically approach and shoot at you. At first, there's a big saucer that shoots poorly, and a small one that shoots more accurately. As your own shooting skill improves, the aliens adjust their tactics. Suddenly you notice more of the smaller ships, and they're shooting at you even more accurately.

Play Asteroids Online for Money (Or for Fun)

Join a Game Taco tournament and play Asteroids free online against nostalgic gaming fans worldwide. (Or mount an exclusive matchup with your friends.) Tournaments are open now -- you can play for cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play our Asteroids game online free for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing for keeps? It’s easy. Get our Asteroids game download and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here