Play Atari Games Online for Cash and Prizes

Game Taco brings back Atari’s classic arcade games in tournament form.

We’re not going to guess how old you are. If you’re nostalgic for the days you spent playing Asteroids and Breakout in arcades of the 70s, welcome! If you played Centipede or even owned the Atari 2600 game system in the 80s, welcome! (You really had the chance to master these games, so you’re going to be a competitive force.) Or maybe you’re a digital native who simply appreciates the creativity and craftsmanship that went into these games without the technology we take for granted today. Welcome!

Whatever your story, you’ve come to the right place. Join Game Taco’s of online community of gamers who enjoy playing Atari flashback classics as much as you do.

Play Classic Atari Games Online Free


This deceptively simple game of colored blocks, a ball, and a paddle debuted in 1976, controlled by turning a knob. With Game Taco’s Breakout app, you just drag the paddle across your phone or tablet screen. Watch the changing speed and bounce angle! It’s harder than you think.


You’re trapped in an asteroid field, fleeing hostile ships. You can shoot and earn points -- but each hit breaks a big asteroid into smaller ones, harder to hit. Today your ship is controlled by your mobile device’s touchscreen, but we’ve kept the same limited range of motion, circa 1979. You have just one power move: the Hail-Mary hyperspace leap that can bail you out or blow you up. And the original, minimalistic line drawings haven’t changed.

Missile Command

Alien ships are attacking your cities, and you have limited ammunition for each wave. How many ships can you destroy before all your cities are lost? Like our other Atari titles, this shooting game is a classic arcade game that translates beautifully to a mobile device. You may even find it easier to aim at the incoming hail of ballistic missiles, because there’s no cursor to move into position. Just tap the sky right where you want your defensive missiles to detonate.]


Iconic among Atari games from the 80s, Centipede pits you against an endless swarm of garden insects. Your laser beam may seem like overkill, but the titular centipede can’t be killed. Every direct hit destroys one segment -- but two smaller, fully functioning centipedes remain. When the mini-centipedes get small enough, a brand new, full-size critter appears! And don’t forget about the spiders, scorpions, and fleas.]

Play Atari Games Free - Or for Money

Game Taco has Atari game tournaments open now. Test your retro arcade game skills gainst Atari enthusiasts around the world, or just your friends. Win cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play online for rewards and tokens. (And yes, we mean virtual tokens),

How to get started playing Atari games for cash? It’s easy. Download our tournament app and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here.