Breakout Tournaments

Break Down the Wall, Build Up Your Score

Breakout is an arcade game that’s been simply mesmerizing players since 1976. Win points by knocking down colored bricks with your ball and paddle: one point for each green brick, with higher values for each new color layer. Your parents controlled the paddle by turning a knob. Now, Game Taco has brought the famed Atari Breakout game online for tournament play. With our free Breakout game, you just drag the paddle across your phone or tablet screen. We think you’ll be just as mesmerized. And you won’t need a quarter.

Breakout Game Strategy: Consider Every Angle

For a game consisting of a bouncing ball, a paddle that only moves sideways, four walls, and a pile of bricks, Breakout offers surprising tactical interest. Typical of arcade and video games, the ball speeds up as you progress through the inner brick layers. But Breakout has a more subtle trick to increase difficulty. You may have played before, and gotten the feeling that it was, well, tricky to get the hang of the Breakout bounce. If so, it wasn’t your imagination. The game periodically changes the bounce angle. (Open secret: the first ricochet change happens on the eighth bounce.)

And here’s another timeless tip: With such a sneaky paddle, it pays keep the ball in play and minimize your misses. Try to break a small hole through the entire wall and trap the ball in the space above. Watch it bounce around the confined space -- and rack up points without lifting (or swiping) a finger.

Play Breakout Online for Money (Or for Fun)

Join a Game Taco tournament and play Breakout free online against serious sliders everywhere, or just with your friends. Tournaments are open now -- you can play for cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play our Breakout game online free for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing for keeps? It’s easy. Get our Breakout game download and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here