Bubble Town Tournaments

Save Borb Bay in this Addictive Arcade Puzzler

A blob of Borbs is descending on Borb Bay! Point your canon and shoot Borbs to remove them from the board. Hit two (or more) of the same kind you just fired, and the matched set of Borbs will clear the board with a truly satisfying “Pop!” (Not to mention some hilariously disgruntled voice effects). Banish all Borbs before they reach the yellow Danger Zone, and you’re the hero of this Bubble Town free online game.

An Action Game to Sharpen Your Wits -- And Your Reflexes

Rack up extra points by perfecting your bank shot. But be careful! Don’t strand too many extra Borbs on the board. (You’ll just have to knock ‘em out later.)

Watch for the Hotfoot PowerUp

Free the Hotfoot powerup on your game board and suddenly your cannon can clean out every Borb in its path, no matter what kind. But this mix-and-match madness last for just one shot, so make it count!

Play Bubble Town Online for Money (Or for Fun)

Join a Game Taco Bubble Town tournament and battle some of the most enthusiastic bubble-popaholics around the world, or just your friend group. Tournaments are open now, for cash prizes, and just for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing Bubble Town for keeps? It’s easy. Download the app and create your free Game Taco account.Learn more about cash tournaments here