Centipede Tournaments

There's a New Bug Blaster in Town: You

It started with one big centipede in the mushroom patch. You aimed your laser and scored a direct hit! And then there were two smaller centipedes in the mushroom patch. Not to mention fleas, spiders, beetles, and scorpions. By the way, some of those mushrooms are poisonous!

The Centipede Arcade Game Free on Your Mobile Device

Your job as Bug Blaster is to keep all insect life -- especially centipedes -- from reaching the bottom of the screen. The only things that inhibit insect movement down the board: mushrooms, other insects, and your laser. The more you kill, the more points you earn. When a centipede reaches the bottom, a new wave begins and a mushroom pattern is introduced.

How do you win Centipede? You can’t! A high score is the objective. There's no achievement that counts as winning the board. When you destroy all segments of a centipede, another one takes its place at the top of the board. And your laser will never run out of power. It’s been this way since the classic video game’s origins as one of Atari’s greatest hits of the 80s. (Free tip: Killing a scorpion is worth 1000 points, and a spider starts at 600 points.)

Centipede Game Strategy: Mind the Mushrooms!

Centipedes move systematically across the board row by row, but hitting a mushroom will bump them directly down the board. A poisoned mushroom (courtesy of the scorpions) will send them crashing down immediately. It's a good idea to keep mushrooms to a minimum to help slow down the centipede's progress down the board. (This is probably a good time to mention that when you hit a centipede segment with your laser, that segment turns into a mushroom while the remaining halves become new centipedes.) It takes four shots to kill a mushroom.

Ready for a truly advanced tactic? Assemble mushrooms into a holding pen and trap a centipede inside. Then focus your laser on other enemies to pile up more points.

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