Cubis Tournaments

Play Cubis Online: Perfect Your Slide, Bump, and Stack!

Cubis is a color-matching puzzle game that’s fast and strategic. Win points by sliding colored cubes across a game board and matching three or more colors lined up horizontally or vertically.

But watch the clock! To level up, you must fill the meter with cleared cubes before time runs out. At first, you’ll feel like there’s plenty of time once you get the hang of it. But each new level means more cubes to clear, and special cubes open new strategic possibilities.

Game Strategy - Types of Cubis Cubes and How to Use Them

Beginner levels start with the basic cubes, and point-packing Star cubes to make it a little interesting. As you level up, your tactical options increase with the addition of Wedge, Laser, Osmosis, Fractal, Bomb, and Stone cubes. Learn what these special cubes can do below -- and keep an eye on which cubes are lining up for you to shoot next.

Basic Cube (Talent: The Bump)

Slide these cubes straight across your board as far as they will go. But if there’s a lone cube blocking the way with a space behind it, your cube will bump it back one space. Remember this when trying to group cubes together.

Star Cube (Talent: Bonus Points! And Penalties!)

Clear every Star cube for a 3-star rating and extra points -- but leaving any on the board unmatched will cost you when the clock runs out!

Wedge Cube (Talent: The Stack)

Instead of stopping or bumping, the Wedge sneaks under the first cube it reaches, creating a column of cubes. But there’s an upside to building up: you can now match cubes both horizontally and vertically!

Fractured Cube (Talent: The Smash)

Your shooter cube will smash right through these. They sometimes appear on fresh boards, but you can also make new ones: clear away the bottom of a stack, and the cubes that fall to the bottom will become fractured.

Laser Cube (Talent: Targeted Destruction)

A Laser destroys any single cube in its path, including a Stone Cube.

Stone Cube (Talent: None!)

Stone cubes don’t move, match, bump, or stack. Think of them as part of the scenery. Until a Laser or Bomb cube comes along!

Play Cubis Online for Money (Or for Fun)

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