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iWin is an award-winning publisher of casual games, especially known for color matching puzzles like their famed Jewel Quest series. The iWin teams love bringing people together to enjoy whimsical, intuitive games and puzzles. It’s all about making connections and building a community. We feel the same way at Game Taco.

Game Taco’s Lineup of iWin Free Online Games


Sort your cards into four foundation piles, in ace-to-king order. Play under classic Klondike rules, with a 3-card draw. So what makes our Solitaire game extra competitive? You only get five minutes to play! Your score is based on how many cards you advance toward your foundation piles before time runs out.

Bubble Town

You’re battling a blob of falling Borbs. Aim your canon and hit two (or more) of the same color you just fired, and “Pop!” -- they’re gone. This combination of match-3 puzzle and shooting game is as addictive as bubble wrap. In fact, if bubble wrap came to life and attacked us, we’re pretty sure this is how it would happen.


You’ve got a board full of cube formations, and you need to make them disappear. Slide cubes across the board to line up matching colors together. Any matched set of three or more will disappear -- earning you points. As you level up, gain the power to stack cubes, change colors, and explode cubes to trigger satisfying chain reactions.

Jewel Quest

Turn your game board to gold by matching jewels together. Your main move: swapping two adjacent jewels to assemble matched sets of three or more. Jewel Quest is iconic among iWin’s award winning games, and you’ll see why it’s spawned dozens of sequels and spin-offs!

Play iWin Games Online for Money (Or Just for Fun)

Game Taco has iWin game tournaments open now. Test your pop, swap, and slide against players around the world, or just play lighthearted games with your friends. Win cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play iWin free games online for tokens and rewards.