Jewel Quest Tournaments

Match Three Gems or More -- and Score!

You have: a jewel-themed game board, all mixed up! You need: a golden game board and matching sets of gems. Your solution: string jewels together by color to turn squares gold and earn points to win this popular match-3 game. Your go-to move: swap jewels in two adjacent squares to line up matched sets of three gems or more.

But this free Jewel Quest matching puzzle game comes with nice news and nerve-wracking news. You’ll get bonus points for turning your entire jewel board to gold before time is up. (Nice.) The bad news: you only have two minutes to swap, match, and win. (Nerve-wracking!)

Jewel Quest Game Strategy: Smart Ways to Swap

Playing this game rewards quick perception and pattern recognition, especially with just two minutes of gem-hunting time. Get your feet wet matching three gems, and watching those squares turn gold. But keep your eyes peeled for the powerful Lightning and Compass gems, and the gold coins that keep your options open.

Match three gold coins, earn a Midas Touch

A Midas Touch can be used throughout the round to turn any single square to gold. Stockpile these goodies for when you really need them.

Match four gems, earn a Compass gem

Any time you match four gems, a Compass gem appears on your board. It works like any other gem, except more powerful. Match the Compass, and its entire row or column goes gold.

Match five gems, earn a Lightning gem

A five-gem match is a rare feat with a rich reward. Match the resulting Lightening jewel, and every matching square on the entire board goes gold!

Play Jewel Quest Online for Money (Or for Fun)

Game Taco Jewel Quest tournaments are open now -- think of it as different (and fiercely competitive) sort of swap meet! While you match jewels, you’ll also be matching wits, with players around the world, or just your friends. Win cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play Jewel Quest free online for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing the Jewel Quest solitaire for keeps? It’s easy. Download our Jewel Quest tournament app and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here.