Missile Command Tournaments

How Long Can You Defend Your Cities?

Waves of cruise missiles are headed for your cities! For each wave, you have ten anti-ballistic missiles at the ready, and twenty more in reserve. Aim your defensive weapons and score points for each enemy missile you destroy. But the enemy learns from their mistakes. Each wave will come faster, and with greater difficulty comes higher scoring potential. The game continues until all your cities are destroyed.

This shooting game is another classic Atari arcade game that translates beautifully to a mobile device. You may even find it easier to aim at the incoming hail of ballistic missiles. There’s no cursor to move into position. Just tap the sky where you want your defensive missiles to detonate.

Missile Command Game Strategy

Missile Command is a test of hand-eye coordination and timing. In many shooting games, the player points the weapon itself, aiming at a target from the source. But you’ll never move your anti-ballistic missile launcher. You’ll tap where an enemy missile is headed, and time the explosion for the enemy missile’s arrival. Practice to get the hang of how far ahead of incoming missiles you’ll need to tap.

Use your firepower wisely. Once your 30 missiles are spent, your six cities are vulnerable till the next wave begins. (That’s when your cache is replenished). And remember to defend your anti-missile battery in the center of the playing field. Losing your defensive missile launcher to incoming smart bombs will render your entire weapons cache useless.

Play Missile Command Online for Money (Or for Fun)

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