Solitaire Tournaments

Classic Klondike Solitaire

Your goal is to sort all cards into four foundation piles (one for each suit) in ascending order from ace to king. We deal you seven playing piles, each with the top card exposed. Draw cards from the deck in groups of three -- our solitaire game doesn’t let you take it easy with a single-card-draw option.

Move cards around the playing piles by stacking them -- in alternating colors -- in descending order from king down to ace. Any single card, or correctly stacked group of cards, can be placed on a card of the correct color and number. If you clear a playing pile, you may move a king to that space to begin a new pile. Once they leave the deck, cards can move freely between the playing piles and the foundation piles as long as they’re stacked correctly.

It’s the traditional card game you remember, complete with a design that evokes an old-fashioned casino with an embossed green felt playing surface.

How Game Taco Solitaire Tournaments Are Scored

The clock starts at five minutes. Win points by moving as many cards as possible toward your foundation piles. If you run out of moves, end the game immediately to submit your score. You’ll get bonus points for the time you leave on the clock, so it pays to accept your fate!

Play Solitaire Online for Money (Or Fun)

Join a Game Taco Solitaire tournament online and draw against fans around the world, or just your friends. Tournaments are open now -- you can play for cash prizes with entry fees as low as $1. Or play our Solitaire game free for tokens and rewards.

How to get started playing the Solitaire full version for keeps? It’s easy. Download our Solitaire tournament app and create your free Game Taco account. Learn more about cash tournaments here