Player FAQ

Q: How does Game Taco work? Can I actually win real money?

A: Game Taco is a multiplayer tournament platform that lets you compete against other people for real cash prizes as well as practice for free with virtual tokens. To play for real money, it's as easy as creating an account, adding funds, and joining a tournament! You can withdraw your cash winnings at any time via check or paypal.

Q: Who is eligible to compete in Game Taco tournaments?

A: Everyone is eligible to compete in Game Taco free tournaments! Cash competitions are available to all players over the age of 18 in areas of the world where cash gameplay is allowed. Cash competitions are enabled in about 75% of the world, and most U.S. states. Cash gameplay is currently not available in the following US states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN. Players in Indiana and Maine are not eligible for participation in real money contests involving card games.  In order to play for cash, your device location settings must be enabled to ensure eligibility.

Q: Can I use my Game Taco account for multiple games?

A: Yes! You can use your username and password on any device in any Game Taco enabled game and your cash balance is available across all games.

Q: Are cash tournaments considered gambling?

A: Game Taco cash tournaments are not considered gambling because all of our competitions are based on ability, rather than luck or chance. Game Taco hosts games where players’ skill determines the winner of each tournament. Game Taco has no vested interest in who wins or loses. Games of skill have long offered participants a chance to compete based on one’s ability. Cash competitions have a well established legal, social, and commercial precedent that spans everything from classic board games to major sports tournaments. Game Taco is a platform that advances this trend by providing video game tournaments for cash on any device.

Q: What does Game Taco promise to provide regarding compliance with the laws?

A: Game Taco provides a destination for safe, friendly, and competitive entertainment with monetary stakes tied to the competition of players at all levels. Game Taco operates in full compliance with U.S. Federal and State laws, verifying the residency of anyone seeking to open an account and using IP address as well as other location-based services to determine a player’s eligibility for cash competition. All gamers must be at least 18 years old and their device location settings must be enabled to ensure Game Taco eligibility.

Q: How do you withdraw money from your account?

A: You can request withdrawal of cash from your account by going to the navigation menu and clicking on the "Withdraw" button and entering your PayPal information for a digital payout or your address to receive a mailed check. 

Q: How do you deposit money to play in Cash tournaments?

A: After creating an account, simply go to the Add Funds page and follow instructions. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Q: How do the currencies work?

A: We have 3 currencies, dollars, tokens, and reward points. Dollars are used for cash play tournaments. You deposit cash funds and win or lose them based on your tournament results. Tokens are our free play currency. You earn tokens by logging in regularly, unlocking achievements, and can win or lose them in free play tournaments. Reward points are earned by playing. The more you play, the more you earn. You earn reward points the fastest by playing in cash games, but you also earn them playing in free games. You can exchange reward points for prizes.